Off to the Tower

Well since my last blog life got a bit hectic, I have applied for my first design team and booked some classes for February 2016 which I am really looking forward too.

Friday I sat down to do some beading and ended up tidying my work space!  For those that know my organized chaos well, this turned out to be a 3 day challenge!!! But I now have a drying space for resin and an empty bead mat.

My beading table has been mainly filled with Ice Resin this week. This pendant/brooch is part of a statement necklace I have made recently.  Pete and I recently took a trip to the Tower of London and inspiration took over.  I had a great time going round all the novelty shops in Tower Bridge area, think some of the shop keepers thought I was a little mad!

Ice Resin Necklace: The Key to the City, but then again might change the name to “May be it’s because I am Londoner”  What do you think?

London 5a London 1a.

I am now off to work with some new beads and new tools that I acquired on a visit to G J Beads in Hale Cornwall,  results of will follow soon.

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My First BLOG

This is my 1st blog of many I hope.

This last month has been pretty amazing, had my first resin article published in Bead and Jewellery magazine Issue 66, starting a blog and finally had a weekend off with Pete in Cornwall.

Going to say bye for now and see if it works